Going to Dominican Republic? Come to Puerto Rico Instead!


When I lived in Mongolia, nobody came to visit. When I lived in Montana, I might as well have been living in Mongolia. Same circumstances – no visitors. Now that I moved to Puerto Rico, I expected visitors to be banging on my door and I pretending not to be home. That has not been the case. Thus far, only Uncle Charlie has come for a weekend of booze, beach, and golf. Many that do not come tell me that it’s because Puerto Rico does not have electricity and that it is still not up and running after Hurricane Maria. Obviously, that is not true. I live here and can testify that life is good.

Inexplicably, on more than one occasion, people I know have made the trip down to the Caribbean to visit our neighbor next door, the Dominican Republic, instead of coming here. Although PR is more expensive when it comes to food and drink, everything that DR has, PR has as well. The only two differences are: 1) DR does a much better job of marketing. 2) TPOL lives in PR, which, depending on your love/hate of the blog, is a reason to choose one over the other. For those that still think PR has not recovered, take a look at these photos from my IG account and then book your flight here.

PR, not far from your hometown.



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