Keep vs. Cancel: Chase Ink Plus


According to my online statements, I have had the Chase Ink Plus since 2012. It was one of the first cards I had as a professional churner. The first card was the SPG personal which I received in 2011 after watching Frugal Travel Guy on Nightline and realizing that there was a way to see the world for next to nothing. Three years later, TPOL was born. But, I digress.

After finally being approved for the Chase Ink Business Preferred this year, I have decided that it is no longer worthwhile to pay the $95 annual fee for the Chase Ink Plus. I have downgraded to the Chase Ink Cash which still provides 5X on Internet, cable, phone, and office supply stores. The big difference is that the Ink Cash caps office supply purchases to 25k instead of 50k.

If these were the days of MS and Vanilla reloads (see I’m in Manufacturing, Spending), perhaps I would care. But since I have quit MS’ing in favor of earning 3X as a digital marketer, I do not (see End of MS Means Get Your Life Together). I actually barely even use the Plus card. I moved my recurring payments to the Amex Blue Business and have shifted my phone bill to the Chase Business Preferred to take advantage of the phone insurance protection. I do not pay for cable (see Are You Ready for Some Football? An Expat’s Survival Guide for American Deportes), meaning the only spend I will make is buying Amazon gift cards from Staples. Still, it’s sad to say goodbye to a card that I have had for so long.

I recall my first purchase on it like it was yesterday – a hearty sandwich from Subway that yielded 25,008 MR’s.

First the Chase Ink Bold, now this. How the good die young.


  1. Are you at all concerned about losing 5x at office stores? It seems nonsensical to me that Chase will keep the InkCash 5x at office stores long term when a) there is no AF b) they came out with a new 95 AF card that earns 3x instead of 5x and c) they stopped new applicants on the 95 AF InkPlus (5x office supply). My fear is that I cancel the InkPlus, and the next day Chase nerfs 5x on InkCash (I currently have both), leaving me SOL on earning 5x on office supply V gift cards.

    • I’m not concerned because my URs come from digital ad spend. That’s better than anything I’ve ever had. I get points and I get clients.

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