Had It With Ink! Using Amex Blue Business Plus Instead


I have already written about my issues with Chase Ink (see Why Do Pending Transactions Only Disappear from Chase Ink? and see Why Do Chase Ink Points Take Longer to Post?). I’m finally back from my #NoCollusion Tour, and the first order of business was to assess the damage from travel and reconcile all my expenditures I might have missed using the HomeBudget app (see Broke from Traveling? HomeBudget App Can Help). Predictably, I spent too much, but I can’t tell you how broke I am because the damn Ink balance on Chase.com is not matching up with my app. I have gone all the way back to July and do not know if I missed something or if transactions are stuck in limbo. Mind you, these are not for transactions I spent abroad. These are business transactions for Google Ads, mail forwarding, etc. I can’t deal with this issue anymore and will be switching all business expenditures (apart from utilities and ads )to my Amex Blue Business Plus which I have written may be the best everyday card. Not only does it provide 2X for each dollar spent, but it also shows all transactions that are pending. That combination cannot be beat. I should’ve done this years ago, but I was lazy. That laziness costs me points and peace of mind. No more!

I’ve reached the end! That’s the only thing that’s right.



  1. It’s absolutely mind boggling why Chase won’t fix this issue – unless they don’t want to. But what could the advantage to them be?

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