Don’t Ignore 800 Calls


I receive so many spam calls. Usually, it’s from the same area code as my phone number. Spammers must think that I am more likely to answer the phone from someone calling from the same area code. Having not lived in Ann Arbor since 2004, I know that 734-anything is not anyone that I know. Those calls are sent straight to voicemail. Impatient to deal with any telemarketers, I also ignore 800 numbers. This proved to be a bad idea since this time, it was not a spammer. It was Barclays Jet Blue Business presumably calling me to tell me that my payment is overdue. I say presumably because I can’t log into my account and because I have not made a payment on the card since being approved months ago. I assume the annual fee is past due at this point. My excuse is that they initially sent the card to the wrong address and I just received the replacement last week. Now, I’m going to have to call and explain why I shouldn’t be charged a late fee and interest.

I’m sure critics will say it is my fault. To them I say nothing more than I’ve already said in past posts regarding this application (see Barclays JetBlue App: Please FAX Your Business Lease).




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