Barclays JetBlue App: Please FAX Your Business Lease


I’m close to a final decision on my JetBlue Business application. It started with JetBlue 100k Business Card App: The Wait Begins. It went on to JetBlue Business Card App: More Info Required. It continued with About That Barclays JetBlue Business Application…. Not long after writing that last post, JetBlue called to verify information regarding my application. I was conditionally approved for 15k credit line, but Barclays wants a copy of my office utility bill or a bank statement showing my office address. In a world of working virtually, these documents do not exist (see About That Citi AA Business Application…). I offered to send them a copy of my office lease. After checking with her manager, the representative said that would be acceptable. Then she proceeded to give me Barclays’ fax number.

Fax, really?

I do not understand why this process is so complicated. It’s not like I haven’t had a JetBlue business card with Barclays before (see JetBlue Business Approved! Yes, Alexander Bachuwa Owns Bachuwa Law).




  1. Barclays: Can you fax that over?
    You: I’m sorry, I can’t fax from where I live.
    B: Where do you live that you can’t fax from?
    Y: I live in 2021 Barbara.

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