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JetBlue Business Approved! Brex Approved! Citi AA Biz No, Hilton Amex No

I fought and I scrapped for these applications and have mixed results.

JetBlue Business: I was finally approved for the 100k offer months after the process started. Here is the chronology:

Look at all that work for one credit card. Now let’s see if I’ll get approved for the personal card.

Brex: This is a quasi-business checking account. I was initially approved, but then they requested my EIN documentation before formally approving me (see Brex: The 110K Application, The Approval, But Only Conditionally). 110k points coming my way!

Citi AA Business: After a similar effort to Barclays, I was rejected because my address did not match my EIN address. I’m going to have to reapply and figure out a way to prove that I am who I say I am (see About That Citi AA Business Application…).

Hilton Amex Personal: After receiving the warning prompt that I was not eligible for the sign-up bonus for the business card (see Amex No Bonus Alert: Am I Responsible for This?), I attempted to apply for the personal card. I was immediately rejected. This is now normal with Amex. When I call they say that there’s negative information in my credit report. I pull my reports and see nothing. I tell them the same. They continue to say that they won’t approve me. The next step may be to file a demand for arbitration (see Amex Shutdown? Remedy & Going Forward) in order to have someone tell me what’s going on with my account. The only personal Amex I have is the Marriott card which was my first Amex.

While it’s not like the old days, the points game carries on.



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