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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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WiseFax: Groundbreaking Technology for the Dial-Up Nomad

I needed to complete my Barclays JetBlue Business application by sending a fax verifying my business info (see Barclays JetBlue App: Please FAX Your Business Lease). My fax machine, a Black Monday deal that I bought for $230 in 1986, was out of toner so I dialed into Prodigy. I heard the boom- boom-sheesh sound and surfed the World Wide Web to see if there was a way to send a fax without signing up for monthly service. I discovered WiseFax. For $2, I was able to send two pages to Barclays and complete the application process which began in October. I hope my card comes post-haste by horse and buggy courier.

a statue of a man riding a horse
On the way, I hope the Pony Express stops by Olive & Ivy and brings me a breakfast burrito and double espresso.


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