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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Four Points Kenya: A Respite Before And After Safari

The Four Points Kenya Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Getting There: Is there an airport taxi mafia? Do they all get together at a conference and shell out the best practices for duping tourists? One common and often used trick is to point you to the official rate sign. In Nairobi, it says that it is $30 for a taxi to the city center. I negotiated it down to $15.

The Location
The hotel is located west of the city. I was only here for a stopover before heading to Maasai Mara and then for one night after returning from Amboseli National Park, so not being in the heart of a city with three million people was not a ‎big deal. On my first stay, no suites were available. On the second stay, I was upgraded. a building with a sign on it a sign on a wall

The Hotel Itself 
Weeks of being on the move catch up to you. It was nice to stop at a normal hotel and take a break.

a room with a couch and a table a wall with pictures on it

The Room
The hotels in Zimbabwe and Zambia were nice, but I felt like I was back in NYC in this typical Four Points room.a bed with a headboard and a chair in a room a bed with white sheets and a lamp a close up of a zebra a painting on the wall a bed with pillows and a lamp a desk with a chair and a television on the walla room with a desk chair and a mirror and a television

The Bathroom
A hot shower with strong pressure is what I needed after a day and a half without one.a toilet in a bathroom a sink on a counter a shower head in a bathroom a group of soap dispensers on a wall a bottle of water and two glasses

The Amenities 
The mini-bar is not cheap in Kenya either.a basket of snacks and wine glasses on a table

a group of bottles on a table
There was complimentary fancy water.

The Balcony 
a table and chairs on a balcony a group of people walking in a parking lotNot much of a view but that’s why you go on a safari.

The Suite Room
The suite was a much bigger version of the previous room. It included a couch and more art. If I ever had room in my luggage or maybe a permanent home, I would want some of these pieces for my own collection.
a bed in a hotel room a room with a television and a table a room with a television and chairs a chair and a table in a room a room with a television and chair a living room with a red couch and a coffee table a statue of a man in a blue dress a bed with a foot stool in a hotel room a room with a bed and a couch a hotel room with a bed and a table a bed in a hotel room

The Rooftop Pool and Bar
a pool with a palm tree and a fence a pool with a city in the background a patio with tables and chairs

The Service
I needed help booking my last minute safari to Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Parks, and I could not have done it without the concierge.

Staying at an SPG property after weeks of being on the road is akin to Free Parking in Monopoly. It’s nice to have a place to recharge before heading back out.



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