The Grand Tour: Being A Jerk Pays Off


What do Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump, and Jeremy Clarkson all have in common? None of them have been nominated for Mr. Congeniality. You’re either a fan of them or you absolutely detest them. Say what you want, but their grandiose personalities have brought them international celebrity. One of them will soon be the leader of the free world.

This blog post focuses on Jeremy Clarkson, the host of the newest show on Amazon Prime. Despite being sued for assault and despite his polarizing personality, Jeremy Clarkson is back with his mates in a remix of Top Gear. Top Gear was an excellent show and I was disappointed when it was cancelled (sorry Matt LeBlanc, your show is not Top Gear). I tried to audition to become Clarkson’s replacement but was rebuffed by the BBC, most likely due to the fact that I can’t drive stick very well, if at all.

Today, I watched the first episode which has received mixed reviews. I love expensive cars, exotic travel, and the mighty dollar. Watching motivates me to push it a little harder the next time I travel and do crazier things worth blogging about beyond publishing anecdotes of heated toilets and free breakfast.

I will be tuning in weekly on Amazon Prime to see what these old men do next.

Anyone else watch? Who is your favorite character? Or do you like and dislike all of them simultaneously as much as I do and don’t?

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  1. I love Floyd Mayweather….
    The best fighter you or I have ever seen. I like Ward tonight. He’s has a similar money-esque defensive style.

  2. Ummm c’mon man. An Iraqi-American like yourself, presumably from a family of immigrants, touting Trump’s “personality” as a good thing or not such a bad thing? Comparing him to other obnoxious but super successful people?

    Can you not see the wrong, the danger, the bigotry, the outright lies, the embarrassment of such a crass and despicable man as your president?

    People like you with your “laissez faire” attitude normalize and legitimize his behavior, ideology, and mentality.

    You may not find it so funny or admirable when you or your parents have to register on his terrorist watch list. And yes, you may not think that applies to YOU but it will, from what the orange bigot is saying and sticking to… i.e. immigrants from Muslim countries or those that are known to harbor terrorists.

    So so sad that we are going down this path. Germany gave Hitler a chance.

    • And no comment because I would rather write a whole post on this that is thoughtful and then you can slam me for my views than for you to take something that was ironically true and spew out all this nonsense about my parents on a terrorist watch list. They have Global Entry!

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