Hyatt Sharm el-Sheikh: Beautiful Hotel, Terrible Time


The Hyatt Regency Sharm el-Sheikh Hotel Review is part of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities:

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Getting There: From the airport, you must take a taxi though they will try to sell you a camel if you don’t agree to get ripped off. I paid 50 EGP though I would be impressed if you got it for 30 EGP. The hotel is only a short distance away. The Hyatt provides free transport to the airport on the way back. Be sure not to forget your watch at the hotel before you depart.

The original plan was to run the Athens Marathon then go straight to Sharm for R&R. Then the plan changed to go to Cairo and Luxor and end the trip in Sharm. After the bombing of the Russian airliner where tragically 224 people were killed, I debated whether it was responsible to go to Sharm. I decided to go but unfortunately received the worst food poisoning my first night there. I was there for three days total and had a horrible time. Since I don’t want to recount the bad experience, this hotel review is going to be all pictures. Though the resort was beautiful, all I can think about when I see the pictures is how miserable I was.

Having said that, here is Hyatt Regency Sharm el-Sheikh hotel review.

2015-11-13 11.15.40
There would be no R&R on this trip
2015-11-13 11.36.06
There would be no partying either

The Hotel Grounds 

hyatt regency sharm el-sheikh hotel review
Hyatt Regency Sharm
hyatt regency sharm el-sheikh hotel review
Very safe, secure entrance to the hotel
hyatt regency sharm el-sheikh hotel review
Approaching the hotel
2015-11-13 12.24.49
The grounds
2015-11-13 12.26.38
The main entrance
2015-11-13 12.27.18
Diamond suites
2015-11-13 12.27.50
Diamond suite entrance
2015-11-13 12.28.11
Regency Club: free refreshments all day and happy hour from 5-7 which includes alcohol
2015-11-13 12.28.28
Regency club check in
2015-11-13 12.29.15
Regency club
2015-11-13 12.29.30
Regency club art
2015-11-13 12.44.04
Picture perfect day
2015-11-13 12.44.04-1
The hotel was basically empty
2015-11-13 12.52.42
Espresso book!
2015-11-13 12.56.56
Diamond suites overlooking pool

The Room 

2015-11-13 13.04.45
The pleasure room
2015-11-13 13.05.22
View from the pleasure room
2015-11-13 13.05.34
The bed
2015-11-13 13.05.40
The bedroom
2015-11-13 13.06.20
No comment
2015-11-13 13.06.28
The bathroom
2015-11-13 13.06.31
I love when hotels provide dental kits
2015-11-13 13.06.38
The tub
2015-11-13 13.06.46
2015-11-13 13.06.48
TV in the bathroom
2015-11-13 13.07.01
Bathroom #2 no comment
2015-11-13 13.07.13
The living room
2015-11-13 13.07.23
The water came in handy
2015-11-13 13.07.31
TV #2
2015-11-13 13.07.43
Porch to the ocean
2015-11-13 13.07.54
Still a perfect day
2015-11-13 13.07.56
Balcony lounge
2015-11-13 13.08.25
I love Twix
2015-11-13 13.08.29
The terrible wine is back
2015-11-13 13.19.54
Was it the fruit?
2015-11-13 13.22.01
Living room art
2015-11-13 13.22.09
View of the living room
2015-11-13 13.22.52
Leaving the room for the one day of enjoyment
2015-11-13 13.26.48
But first some complimentary chocolates
2015-11-13 13.28.10
Was it the wine?
2015-11-13 13.29.28
Just terrible wine
2015-11-13 13.35.20
Another place I was ill

The Beach 

2015-11-13 13.58.35
To the beach
2015-11-13 13.58.59
The Red Sea
2015-11-13 14.02.01
Photo of photo
2015-11-13 14.02.06
Diamond private beach
2015-11-13 14.13.32
Yacht for snorkel and private high-speed boat
2015-11-13 14.15.44
Didn’t get to snorkel
2015-11-13 14.25.47
But beautiful water, reminds me of Hvar
2015-11-13 17.00.32
And then the night came

The Regency Club 

2015-11-13 17.39.08
Happy hour weak selection
2015-11-13 17.39.29
Was it the snacks?
2015-11-13 17.39.40
The desserts?
2015-11-13 17.39.47
2015-11-13 17.40.07
Complimentary all day
2015-11-13 17.40.34
The falafel? No way it’s the falafel
2015-11-13 17.40.58
Dessert was good though
2015-11-13 21.19.10
No partying in Pacha
2015-11-13 22.16.43
Everything was still fine at argheli bar

The Day After 

2015-11-15 09.46.25
Then the sun went away and the clouds came out and it was all bad
2015-11-15 09.46.35
The main pool
2015-11-15 09.50.44
Breakfast buffet: There’s an a la carte in the Regency Club
2015-11-15 09.51.39
Could not really eat breakfast but it was a basic spread
2015-11-15 15.58.11
The Thai restaurant was good but the smallest Tom Yum bowl
2015-11-15 15.53.33
More of the clouds on my trip
2015-11-15 15.56.32
I don’t think I’ll return to Sharm
2015-11-15 10.15.22
But the flowers were nice

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