Inventing Anna v. TPOL: Do You Know Who I Am?


If you’re looking to waste a few hours of your life, watch “Inventing Anna” on Netflix. For those who have not seen it, I won’t get into the specifics. For those who have, I have the following questions:

  1. Have you been able to stay at a hotel without putting down a valid credit card? I don’t understand how she was able to stay at so many places without proof that she could pay.
  2. Have you been threatened with arrest at your own hotel (see The W Hollywood: Unwelcome Even on Your Birthday)?
  3. What level of research do you think hotels do before you arrive? I doubt they research TPOL but if they did, I can only imagine what hotels think (see Have You Ever Not Complained?).
  4. Why am I not in the ‘database’ for VIP connections in the big city? supra #2 
  5. Do you tip the concierge in 100’s? I don’t tip at all, not even Uber Eatssupra #2
  6. Can hotels take your luggage/medication if you cannot pay your bill?
  7. Can you replicate her annoying accent?
  8. “Why would we leave the hotel?” Which of your favorite bloggers does that sound like?
  9. Who had the better hustle, Tinder Swindler or Anna? The answer is TPOL.
  10. To that end, why don’t I have more IG followers? Follow me, please.
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  1. Although it seems strange it is pretty easy to check into many hotels without a credit card but higher end hotels would be less likely to allow this. Super 8, sure. Ritz, not very common.

    Not tipping Uber Eats, Doordash, etc. will lower your rating and you will have a harder time getting drivers to take your orders in the long run I would imagine. It might work if you always travel but if using it at home it can come back on you at some point. Tipping in the US is out of control for sure but delivery drivers work mostly for tips.

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