How Long Is Too Long at the Lounge?


The answer to this depends on where in the world you are. In Auckland I was at the lounge for 12 hours and was not ready to leave. Today I’m at JFK in the AA lounge and the hours have ticked by. Thus far I’ve eaten breakfast, waited for the bar to open, and am going to take a nap following this post. When I awake, it will be time for lunch, more drinks, and a shower. Besides enjoying the perks, I anticipate that I will get more work done here than I would at the office, if I had one. If there was a gym here I’d consider making the daily commute to Queens.

Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work



  1. i’ve done some wicked long stints at lounges and wondered if you’ve ever had bartenders get hoity toity about going back and back and back and back…

    buddha bless self serve…

    and i will serve you with a brief grammar reprimand :
    “Thus far I’ve ~ate~ breakfast…”

    it’s ~eaten~. past participles’ll get ya’ every time.

    • Fixed! In formal writing I wouldn’t use apostrophes which is why I missed it. No excuse for poor grammar.

      The trick is to catch them between shifts lol. Actually tipped Alicia because she took care of me and kept calling me her darling. She got me. Haa.

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