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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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AA Admirals Club JFK Gate 42: Here All Day

I might as well get this lounge review out of the way as I still have a few hours to kill. Spending all day at a lounge is a nice timeout from life. While US airlines do not have the amenities of foreign lounges, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the AA Admirals Club at Gate 42.

Nice touch with the button AA
Nice touch with the button AA


The lounge is separated into two main sections. The ‘quiet area’ and the bar and general seating area. The quiet area has lounge chairs which I had the pleasure of occupying in a fetal position for a good six hours. The main area has basic seating for those not in hibernation.

2016-07-09 05.27.07
Empty in the AM
2016-07-09 05.27.18
Bar area
2016-07-09 05.27.31
Summer Seasonal is extra
Make yourself at home
Make yourself at home. You see the mouse?

The Breakfast

The good news is that there are hard-boiled eggs, a TPOL favorite. The bad news is that they were not peeled in advance like the Delta Sky Club Salt Lake City. The bagels came in three varieties: plain, garlic, and sesame. I had two. #nocarbsaturdays

2016-07-09 05.28.13
Shrink wrapped apples
2016-07-09 05.33.04
Peel the eggs!
2016-07-09 05.38.32
Best breakfast

The Drinks 

Per tradition, I had a Coors Light and Bloody Mary. Only Coors, Bud Light, and Budweiser are included in terms of beer.

2016-07-09 08.07.00
The tradition

The Lunch 

After my slumber, I went back for more food. As predicted, the Admirals Lounge could host the carrot eating contest. Besides industrial grade hummus, there was two varieties of soup, and cookies. I don’t know how any of this goes together but I had a little bit of everything.

2016-07-09 14.43.07
Cheese, olives, tomatoes
2016-07-09 14.43.19
Carrots top right
2016-07-09 14.41.51
Soup was okay
2016-07-09 11.44.59

The Shower

The lounge does have a shower which is a nice touch for the all-day lounge goer.

One of the best shower experiences
One of the best shower experiences
And great soap
And great soap

The View 

The best feature of the lounge is the view of the tarmac. There’s something poetic about seeing the planes parked in unison, ready to take flight.

2016-07-09 14.41.10


If you’re facing eviction or just sick of your NYC tin can apartment, spending a day at the Admirals Club at JFK may be the second best thing next to a day at the spa.


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