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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Sheraton Fiji: We Appreciate Your Loyalty!

Sheraton Fiji Hotel Review is part of the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report.

Getting There

There is no Uber in Fiji. You have to negotiate to get to the hotel. $40FJD ($18USD) is what I paid from the airport. On the way back, there is a set price of $52FJD ($23USD).


a fountain in a streeta large lawn with trees and a building in the background

Bula! And welcome to the Sheraton Fiji where they appreciate your loyalty. My flight landed at 5:20AM (see Bula! Fiji Airways Vancouver to Nadi Flight Review), and I arrived at the hotel far too early to check-in. At check-in, I was offered espresso and was told that it may take some time for my room to be ready. Instead of taking a nap at the pool like I did when I arrived too early in Barbados (see Radisson Barbados: Beach Club Or Resort?), I found a comfy couch and worked on my laptop. After a half hour, the manager of the hotel came to greet me. He apologized that my room was not ready and offered me complimentary breakfast.


There are two choices for breakfast. One is a buffet zoo full of children, the other is an adults only, all-you-can-drink mimosa experience. Which would you select?

two glasses of yellow liquid on a table

As far as the breakfast goes, it was basic but filling. I had it both days I was there. Had I stayed longer, I may have braved the screaming children in exchange for variety.

a tray of food on a table a plate of breakfast with sausages and eggs

At the conclusion of breakfast, I received this surprise:

a plate with a piece of cake on it

Time to Check-In 

After three hours of too many mimosas, I was told that my room was ready.

a glass of orange liquid next to a bottle of water
Stay hydrated.


The room was in a private caseta with a view of the ocean. a room with a bed and a television a bed with a fan in a room a bed with white sheets and blue headboard in a room a room with a television and a couch

a round table with pillows on it outside with a view of the ocean palm trees on a beach


a bathroom with a white bathrobe and a mirror a shower with a shower head and soaps a group of black bottles on a tile wall

Champagne Anyone? 

Ready to unwind, I heard a knock on the door:

a bottle of champagne in a bucket with ice and two wine glasses on a table
Another welcome gift!
two bottles of water on a table
Water was also complimentary.

Champagne Party 

As a lifetime elite, I was invited to an art exhibit in the hotel where I was offered even more champagne.

a banner with a bottle of champagne a group of champagne bottles in a container with ice a group of cartoon characters on a white wall art on a table two glasses of wine on a table a glass of wine on a table with food on it

a man standing at a podium with a sign behind him
The keynote speaker.

Resort Itself 

I live in a golf resort in Rio Mar, Puerto Rico. For me, the experience of unwinding at a resort is not my idea of travel, especially when there are so many kids running around. But that isn’t to say that the resort was not beautiful. a pool with palm trees and a building in the backgrounda pool with tables and chairs and palm trees

a pool with palm trees and a building
Adults only pool, next to adults only breakfast.

a pool with a lounge chair and palm trees a pool with a plant in it a grass lawn with palm trees and a body of watera beach with palm trees and a gazebo a group of palm trees on a beach


Like the golf course in Rio Mar, the Sheraton’s golf course is in need of hydration and irrigation. I did not inquire how much it would cost to play but given the condition of the course and my previous experience of golfing in Tahiti (see Golf in Tahiti? Not in This Town), I am glad I passed.

a golf cart with a person in the back
Only golf cart I used was to get to my room.


“We appreciate your loyalty,” is a phrase that is used but not meant. At the Sheraton Fiji it was sincere and I appreciated it.


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