Is This The Worst Person In The World?


Let me quickly state that the question should not be taken out of context. I’m talking about seemingly normal people who somehow believe their behavior is acceptable.

I had a great day at the Admirals Club JFK and was just about to board for my flight to Las Vegas. The flight is five hours long so I thought it best to have another glass of wine before takeoff. Before I could order, a woman stepped up to the bar with her AA drink coupons and asked for four bottles of water. I think it’s ridiculous that bottled water requires a coupon but that’s beyond the point.

The bartender initially brought her Pelligrino to which the woman replied she wanted still. Then things got testy as she began to name her preferred water choices. “Do you have Fiji? How about Evian? Really no Fiji?”

Taken aback the kind bartender brought her Dasani,  America’s version of fine agua. Sensing her displeasure, the bartender asked if that was suitable to which the lady said, “It will have to do.”







  1. sorry. blame my 8th grade grammar teacher…

    “The flight is five hours long ~do~ I thought it best to have another glass of wine before takeoff. ”


    …and i would have had something stronger than wine. why go ~13% when you can go 40%? (sorry, blame my 8th grade math teacher…)

  2. Well I was trying to sneak in the post via my phone before take off. Now we’re sitting here and they’re saying that there are 30 flights ahead of us. 30! So obviously I can go back and correct the grammar. Still for a post I typed up in two minutes flat, it’s not half bad.

    And I couldn’t get it going with the beer or liquor. It wasn’t clicking. I demand premium liquor only!

  3. we gotsta somehow meet one day brah. it’d be some golddam good times fo’ sho’. we could get drunk and have diagramming sentence contests (i’d win).

  4. Challenge accepted. I’d draw the spaceship then flip the paper sideways to put in my conjunctions on the dotted line.

  5. I wish. Nothing of quality at the lounge, more annoyed than anything else. If I don’t call them out, who will! See American douche in Tokyo lounge.

  6. Forget about the poor grammar and mediocrity just oozing from this article for a second. What an ignorant and petty person this blogger is! Just move on and don’t waste what little cranial space you have writing this kind of unnecessary and biased crap. I know you won’t really understand what I’m saying at the moment. Just give this time and let it truly soak in. Hopefully you will eventually understand the error in your thinking and change. There is a whole other side to this issue that you don’t understand. I’m not going to fill it in for you. It’s up to you to scramble your brain power and find the logic in this whole situation. Oh and BTW, I’m purposely giving you a lengthy explanation as a trade for that garbage you have created.

  7. Thanks Jon. Your insight is so insightful. How’s that for grammar? I stand by the post because 1) it’s a blog 2) see post. Enjoy your day.

  8. The lady,, and I use that term loosely, is a self entitled B—ch. If that pax wanted a certain kind of water, go buy it yourself—don’t care if youre flying first/biz or not. If she feels self entitled, elitist, then I have another suggestion. Its called lear jet. Go buy one or rent one, then you can have anything you want. Its freegin water for petes sake. Many other bigger problems in the world today for her to be concerned about.

  9. You’d think by some of the comments that I was the jerk asking for nonsense water! I won’t apologize for posting this because your are right, there a many other problems both macro and micro to be concerned about. Even still, really, people can tell/care about bottled water that much? At an airport lounge nonetheless!

  10. I hope you realize I wasn’t talking about you. love your blog..always brings up good convo. Im also not complaining that you posted this.Regards

  11. Did the lady possibly presume that because water is a premium beverage that you have to pay for with rink coupons or cash, that they would perhaps stock some more expensive brands?

  12. You know that Dasani is filtered tap water?

    It is a joke that Americans will pay for it.

    They tried to launch it in the UK but they got so much bull thrown at them that Coke had to withdraw it. They didn’t even try to relaunch it but went out and bought a ‘proper’ mineral water company instead.

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