MetroCard Misery: TPOL Supports Hillary


Alexander the private citizen is an undecided voter. The candidate pool leaves much to be desired.

TPOL the blogger is a single issue voter. He, as a New York transplant, believes that in comprehensive subway reform. For that reason, and that reason alone, TPOL is supporting Hillary in her time of distress. If you haven’t seen the clip, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, had trouble swiping her MetroCard in the Bronx.

Political pundits have pounced on Hillary’s inability to maneuver the metro as a sign that she is disconnected from the common people. This is only half-true. The reality is that the MetroCard is a flimsy piece of junk that occasionally doesn’t swipe properly. It is just one of many issues that face New York’s transit system. Hillary’s campaign advisers should have anticipated that this could happen. A quick practice session would have served her well. Obviously, Hillary doesn’t ride the subway and this stunt backfired but it’s not as big a deal as is being made by the media. The real issue, the archaic metro system, should be the story.



  1. I’m no Hillary fan but as a non-New Yorker I have a hard time with the metro cards. Heck it’s easier to use the Subway in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Paris, London nearly anywhere, well maybe not San Francisco. They need to switch to the small tickets that feed through and spit out. They work way better I think.

    On the other hand she deserves to have trouble as this was a political stunt. Next week she’ll be duck hunting in some rural state, just watch.

    • Shanghai’s is the best. I don’t like Tokyo’s little tickets, I always lose them.

      And yes she’s not fooling anyone by riding the subway or duck hunting or ice fishing lol

  2. Hillary who? Maybe NY’ers should vote for Bernie, he’ll proclaim the subway FREE for everyone, so you won’t have to dick around with those Metro Cards…

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