Michigan Vs Ohio State: Points With A Purpose


Thanksgiving is a time to see family, watch Lions football, and eat like a hungry wolf. This year it is also a time to plan my descent onto the great city of Columbus, Ohio for the best rivalry in all of college football. This is the first time I will attend the UMich OSU game at the Horseshoe and I am really looking forward to it. What I am not looking forward to is the price of the football tickets, the cost of the flights from the west coast, and the price of the hotel. All of which are astronomical because of the holiday weekend.

As was the case when I went to Atlanta to see Michigan in the Final Four and in the Citrus Bowl, I am going to rely on points to offset the costs where possible. While I won’t be flying first class and writing the same old trip reports, I believe that trips like this highlight what’s best about the points hustle. So far, I have been able to secure my hotel for next to nothing and am just now piecing together flights.


Go Blue! (from Seychelles)
Go Blue! (from Seychelles)

Onto Ticket Scalping UMich OSU==>


  1. there will be a cornucopia of hype.

    but once the clock ticks down to 0:00, it all comes down to simple math.

    mich points < osu points

    you can quote me on this and genuflect to me, via email, on black friday.

    • yeah lucky wisconsin cant catch the ball! clearly we have the better defense and for as long as osu has had that qb, he hasn’t progressed! your amenities kit goes out on tuesday btw.

      • I am but I’m just teasing you. Last GAME I went to was John Coopers last season and it did not go very well for us. I really wasn’t trying to be a troll, that’s just what we say in Ohio.

        • hahaha i know! trash talking is allowed and encouraged when it comes to OSU Michigan. That’s what makes it great.

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