Dear Chase, I’m Sick of Steph Curry


Out of habit and boredom, I log into Chase multiple times a day. It happens unconsciously, the same way I open a tab for Facebook even though I already have one open. Of course my UR balance has not gone up and I still don’t see an approved Chase Sapphire Reserve in my curation of cards. Still, I find the process to be relaxing.

I ranked Chase as #2 for online banking though I have to say that the new landing page for personal accounts is too messy. I hope they don’t change the business landing page which is the old style.

Anyhow, the point of my pointless rambling is to ask Chase when they are going to get rid of this ugly picture of Steph Curry with his mouth open, presumably using Chase QuickPay to send money to Russell Westbrook to soften the blow of Durant’s cowardly departure. Unless Steph is sending me money, I see no reason to have to look at him and that grotesque goatee every day.

That is all. Go Pistons!

No, my username is not thepointsoflife but I will accept cash should you feel the urge to send it.



  1. I totally agree – and without knowing who Steph Curry actually is, I knew you were talking about the Chase homepage. I think the same thing every time I login. I realize it’s a still from some ad, but it’s such an unflattering, bland photo. He’s not an unattractive guy, it’s just an awful photo. I think their updated UI is a step backward. It reminds me of things seen in the early 00s in terms of elements. I’d rather have Amex’s UI (if only I used my Amex cards more).

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