Moxy Edinburgh: Not My Favorite Hotel


Moxy Edinburgh Hotel Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

Getting There: I landed at midnight and missed the train to the city centre. I took Uber instead. When exiting the airport go right to locate the ‘meetup point’. It’s in the parking garage.

I was between two choices when it came to using my e-certs in Edinburgh. One was Courtyard and the other was Moxy. Courtyards aren’t remarkably nice, so I decided to check out Moxy. Based on the website, it looked like a combination of aloft and W. The website also described two noteworthy features:

  1. Check-in is at the bar. Guests are given a welcome drink.
  2. The hotel is located ‘in everyone’s favorite neighborhood’.

Checking In

The bar is located behind Covid proof glass, making the check-in less feel like a bank transaction in a grocery store. Thank you, Covid, again.


Welcome Drink

The drink had to be consumed in my room.

$20 Credit

I was supposed to receive $20 per night I was there. Since I arrived after midnight, I asked if I could use the credit all on the second day. One person said no, but the next day another said yes. Since I have outstanding charges, I believe person one was correct. Time to contact Marriott (see Have You Ever Not Complained?).


This may be the worst room in the Marriott portfolio since the Element in NY. It was tiny and had a terribly uncomfortable bed.


I prefer the aloft soaps to Moxy’s Pepto.


The location was a bit far from the touristy Royal Mile (see Guns & Butter: Edinburgh Travel Guide). It was, however, located in the heart of Edinburgh University Campus. This meant one thing: vomit. It was all over the sidewalk making me think that the aforementioned ‘everyone’ referred to the young drunkards who were not in short supply.


I was excited to see Guinness, for the first time in ages, on tap. Unfortunately, the Co2 was out at the bar. I settled for the can. Though good, the pour was not spectacular.


This may be everyone’s favorite neighborhood, but it was not my favorite hotel.

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