Overview: Glacier National Park & Calgary Stampede


As much as TPOL loves Shanghai and Hong Kong, sometimes it is nice to get off the beaten path and explore somewhere new. It makes for a great adventure and more interesting writing. The mission this summer was to find somewhere new to go for the 4th of July. Since the Southwest Pre-devaluation bookings weren’t feasible, I was forced to be more creative in making my selection. The two choices that I settled for are certainly unique and definitely worth seeing.

The first is Glacier National Park which is located in an isolated part of northern Montana. The other is the Calgary Stampede an annual rodeo event in Canada.

With no good flights to either, the best option is to drive. A couple of nights will be spent without the perks of platinum camping in the national park and the other nights will be free nights at the Hyatt Calgary which was worth the stay certificate and 12k points given that the price per night is 500CAD.

Along the way there will be wine tours, breweries, and who else knows what. a-live play-by-play will be served so long as there is Wi-Fi.

Though the destination isn’t a sexy beach with a first class flight to get there, the Trip Report won’t fail to impress.


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