Baited into Pending Decision by my Own Amex Ad!


I have no use for Delta, I have no care to fly Delta or collect their miles. I was one of the lucky ones to burn my points before their 8th devaluation by going to Buenos Aires and Mendoza. So why today did I fall for the ad on my page that said Delta Platinum Card 60k points?

The answer is greed. Why not another currency for the points game, you can never have enough right? Wrong. My recon call went nowhere as the department that reviews my application was closed. Furthermore, I made the mistake of applying for a 5th Amex credit card even though I had four open: Surpass, Hilton, SPG, & Blue. This is the limit for personal credit cards (distinguished from charge cards like the Amex Platinum) so the chances of being approved are slimmer despite cancelling the Surpass post application.

The lesson is not that Delta is the worst currency around or that you should not let greed inhibit better judgment. The lesson is know that you’ve learned your lesson and not to keep repeating it.

If you are thinking of applying, TPG provided a good list of where you could go with your newly acquired pesos. Fortunately or un, I don’t think it will apply to me.

Stupid Delta!
Stupid Delta!


  1. I easily got .03 per mile flying my family to the Barbados in J. You just need to know wait until you can maximize those points to use. Like the .04 per point i recently redeemed for Rad Blu 1919

    • I did the same for Rad Blu 1919. I won’t mind having Delta points in the background of my collection but the 100k business class to Argentina isn’t happening no matter how long I wait.

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