Park Inn Tallinn: Good Enough for Me


Park Inn Tallinn Hotel Review is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

If I were to be a brand ambassador for any hotel group, it would be Radisson. I know my blog colleagues would disagree with me, opting for bigger brands like Marriott or Hyatt. While I stay at those two frequently, I am partial to Radisson because they are located in more obscure places.

Since Covid, I have been amassing a small fortune of Radisson points thanks to my US Bank credit card. That relationship has ended leaving me with plenty of points but no way of automatically replenishing them. Accordingly, I must be frugal with my booking selections.

This brings me to my stay at the Park Inn Tallinn, Estonia. I booked it for only 15k points/night. I could’ve spent $95 per night, but that starts to add up quickly when I am out of the country for weeks on end.


The hotel is 12 minutes from the airport (see Bolt: The Preferred Rideshare App in Estonia) and is only a ten minute walk to the old town.


I was upgraded to a superior room. It was massive compared to a basic Radisson.


The cursed European shower is on hand. Park Inn Tallinn Hotel Review

Check Out

My flight to Vilnius, Lithuania was at 7PM. I asked for a late checkout and somehow they agreed to 5PM. Since I was out all night both nights and woke up at 4PM, that was convenient.


I am sad that my time with Radisson is coming to an end. I will remember the good times of the two-for-one points redemptions (see Club Carlson: Where Did You Go? 6 Great Pre-Deval Redemptions). I am thankful I was able to go to interesting places and stay for free when I had the chance.

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    • What a non-douche Gene would say:
      “Appreciate your post; the room though looks to bare for us but I can understand that for you, not spending much time in it plus having lots of Radisson points, it was fine.”
      But Gene’s a douche.
      How about, Gene, not posting at all and just keep your douche thoughts in your douche head?

      • Hahahaha. That’s so funny. Now I have to say, his comments are terrible but I wouldn’t want him to stop posting completely. Your comment, on the other hand, is appropriate and accurate.

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