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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Back to Phoenix on Frontier

Before TPOL moved to Puerto Rico in 2018, I was a resident of Scottsdale (see TPOL in the Desert). I am going back to the place where I lived most of my adult life, but I am not arriving there in style. Frontier, one of the worst airlines (see Frontier: Rivaling Allegiant For Worst Airline), tempted me with a fare of $87 one way, $287 total. I can only bring a personal item, meaning I will have to stash everything extra in my travel jacket, a Scottie Vest that is due to arrive any day now replace my Baubax jacket (see The World’s Greatest Travel Jacket: A Smuggler’s Tool). The itinerary is not as terrible as flights on United which connect in NY or as flights on AA that have an interminable layover in DFW or Miami.

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Spirit also looks miserable and much more expensive.

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a screenshot of a phone

Last time I flew Frontier was to Costa Rica, incidentally from Phoenix (see Free without the ‘R’ spells FEE). I’m not looking forward to doing it again, but given the choices, I have no choice. For a place so popular to visit, Puerto Rico has lousy options when it comes to direct flights.

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Why would anyone take this flight when the later one arrives at the same time?


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