The Peaceful Conclusion: US Bank Follows Up


In my comments section, I often get readers who exclaim, “TPOL, you complain too much!” One person wrote in regards to my Delta experience that I should pay for first-class if I wanted better service. How does that make sense? To the assertion that I complain too much, I would like to point out that the section that these posts are in is the ‘Complaining’ section. What were they expecting? (Check it out, it’s nonstop whining)

I will always voice my loud, shrieking Gilbert Gottfried voice when I believe that I have been wronged. At the same time, and unlike most media outlets, I will write a follow-up story when that gripe has been rectified. Following my awful experience at US Bank in Montana, I was contacted by someone in its PR department. They apologized for my experience and let me vent my frustration. Today, I was contacted by the district manager in Montana and received another apology. That was a nice gesture worth sharing.

As is my complaining nature, I tried to get a few Club Carlson points or perhaps some FlexPerks for the trouble but I received nothing. Relax Mr. Reader, I am only 3/4 of the way being serious.

In the end, I opened a business account with Capital One but have to say to US Bank that I ain’t mad at ya.

Let's not blow things out of proportion ha ha haa
Let’s not blow things out of proportion ha ha haa

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