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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Priority Pass Lima, Peru: Perfect Restover

The Priority Pass Lima Peru Lounge Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Originally, I was supposed to stay at the Tupac Hostel in Lima because my flight to Cusco was at 6:40AM and I was scheduled to arrive at 11PM. And who wouldn’t want to stay at a hostel named after my favorite rapper?

After the United IAH-LIM delay, I decided that the drive to and from the airport would not be worth the hassle. I hoped that there would be a lounge at the airport that would be open.

The Caral VIP Lounge

a glass door with a sign on it
I was flying Avianca business to Cusco, but there was not an Avianca lounge in the terminal. There was the lifesaver Priority Pass Lounge. It was one giant room with leather chairs and weary passengers. I grabbed a beer and a plate of peanuts and proceeded to fall asleep. Somehow the hangover still had not left me.

a group of people sitting in a room a bar with a counter and a couple of people behind it a trays of food on a table a stack of plates and bowls of food two green bottles on a table

Flight Cancellation 

I woke up and checked the board for my flight. It was not on there. I scrambled through the terminal to find an Avianca rep. There was not one to be found. I spoke to security who was as confused as I was that my flight was not there. Finally, I went out of the terminal and to the ticket counter. My Avianca flight had been cancelled (damn strike) and was rescheduled for hours later. Thankfully, I had the Caral Lounge as a retreat.

I’m so happy that there was a quiet lounge to pass the time before going to Cusco. It is much more convenient than having to leave the airport just to come back hours later. I was annoyed that neither Avianca nor United notified me that my original flight to Cusco was cancelled.



  1. Glad you found the Caral Lounge to be pleasant.

    I found it to be truly awful. Hot, steamy, overcrowded and simply terrible.

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