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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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United Business IAH-LIM Flight Review: Delays for Daze

The United Business Class Flight Review IAH-LIM is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

When I flew Emirates Shower Class the first time, I made the mistake of going out in NYC the night before. Though I was comfortable on that flight, I spent most of it trying to recover and not enjoying the on board bar (see Emirates Shower Round 2). Lesson not learned, I had a similar experience flying United from Houston to Lima.

The Configuration 
Hurting, I boarded the plane and snapped a few photos of the seats. The business class cabin was packed. The seats were configured in a 2-2-2 format. If you’re not flying with a companion and have a window seat, you’ll have to jump over your fellow passenger to get to the bathroom.

a seat on an airplane a seat with a pillow and a blanket on ita group of people in an airplane

The Amenities
Maybe it was my weakened state, but I really appreciated the comfort of the amenities. The Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and cover were very soft. I considered taking the pillow as a souvenir. The eye covers have replaced my Delta Tumis as the go-to covers for travel.a close up of a bag

a black and white bag on a white pillow a bag with a black strap and a white bag with a black strap and a black eye mask a black and white striped pillow with a bow

The Delay
Beaten, I fell asleep and expected to wake up in Lima. Three hours later, we had not gotten off of the ground. First, there was a problem with a temperature gauge. Then there was a medical situation. This was followed by another issue with the temperature gauge. I was actually happy that we were delayed because my flight from Lima to Cusco was at 6AM. The later we arrived, the less time I would have to spend at the airport.

The Food
We finally got off the ground and I fell asleep. I woke up‎ to the food service. The meal consisted of a small salad with Ranch, an appetizer of meat, and chicken with mashed potatoes. It was small in portion but just fine on flavor. I tried to have champagne before takeoff and then a glass of wine with dinner but had to stick to water.

two glasses of orange juice on a table
Pretending I can drink

a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a tray a piece of chocolate cake on a plate with a fork

The Entertainment
I watched two episodes of the Simpsons before returning to the safety of sleep.a screen on a plane

The Service
From my flight to LA, onto Houston, and now to Lima, I give United high marks for service. The purser was especially nice and friendly, making the delay tolerable.

I’ve only flown business on American carriers twice. The first was to Argentina on a 767 with Delta. The seats were very old and angled, but the ice cream was delicious. The second was this flight which was a more than suitable replacement for my cancelled Avianca Dreamliner.


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