Protea Cape Town Waterfront: A Prison, Hotel, And Business School All in One


The Protea Cape Town Waterfront Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Protea is to points as the rand is to dollar. The value is exceptional. I booked two separate stays at Protea Cape Town Breakwater and here’s what I found:

That’s Odd

The hotel used to be a prison, and that’s not the strange fact. The odd thing about the hotel is that it doubles as a business school. Come to the Cape Town School of Management where you’ll experience what debtor’s prison feels like well ahead of graduation. Actually, I do not know if the school is affordable or comes with the outrageous bill that my business school came with (shout out to the Thunderbird School of Global Management and GradPlus prison loans).

The Hotel 

The Prison 

The School 

That’s Strange

I got upgraded to a suite but something was amiss. Look at this picture and tell me if you see it.

That’s right. That’s a double bed. The hotel even offers singles. I did receive a queen size the second time around.


The Location
The V&A Waterfront is a great place to stay in Cape Town. The Waterfront has plenty of dining options with quality food (see Forget Tokyo, The Best Sushi Is in Cape Town).

The Price
For 5k SPG points, the price can’t be beat. And I received a welcome gift.

I would definitely recommend the Protea Bridgewater. It’s a lot more comfortable than some of the jails I’ve slept in.


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