Qantas Melbourne Hobart Flight Review: Alcohol Included


Qantas Melbourne Hobart Flight Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

On the flight from Darwin to Melbourne, alcohol was not included leading me to rethink my Avios valuation (see Burn Those Avios!). ‎On the MEL to HBA hour long slow sprint, I presumed there also would be a charge. The look on the flight attendant’s face was priceless when we handed her cash after she gave us bottles of pinot gris. Alcohol is included to Hobart apparently. At this point, I don’t know Qantas’s policy.

Happy Hobart.

To appease the angry readers who will moan that this isn’t a flight review, I tried to take photos of the outside of the plane.‎ I was scolded for doing so.


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