Australian Airports: Safe And Swift Without TSA


Australian Airports are part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Aussie airports are awesome. Boarding is 20 minutes before departure for domestic flights, yet somehow the flights take off on time. Qantas does have the 7 kilogram limit for carry ons, but I wasn’t charged to check my bags. Better still, there’s no dealing with ornery agents if you have luggage. It is an automatic machine that anyone can figure out.

Security is also easy. Maybe too easy. There’s no taking off shoes which is nice. For domestic flights, there is no checking of ID at any point which is weird. ‎For international, I had to scan my passport and it took a photo. From there, I was told I was all set. No need to gingerly walk up to the counter. No need to rehearse my Tel Aviv answers about country of origin (see Detained in Tel Aviv: A Most Unwelcome Welcome and You Leave Only with Passport!” Detained in Tel Aviv Again).

Another strange thing is that after your ticket is scanned and you proceed down the jet way‎, the flight attendant requires you to show the boarding pass again. My screenshot didn’t include my seat number, so I had to pull up the ticket again before I was allowed to my seat.

Other than that, it’s easy peasy in Aussie.

No agent, no problem


  1. Ummmmmm. I am Australiian/American and I can assure you that there are ornery customer service agents; you went through passport control when you placed your passport and took a picture( it’s automated). And there is facial recognition throughout the airport so they know who you are sir. And you may not have to remove shoes, but that goes for everywhere but the USA.
    Not much different than TSA.

  2. The problem is liberals are taught things have to be this way or that way cause the ‘papers say it does!’ they don’t realize they are being fed stuff and need to be more humble.

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