Ready to Party in Shanghai? Bring Your Passport, Mask, and QR Code


I put this post under Expat Life because this is the norm if you are living in China these days (see Color Code? China’s Way to Measure Contagion Risk). I also included it in the Food and Drink page, so one day I can look back in amazement at either how we used to go to bars without these restrictions or, hopefully, only to remember the extreme measures that were taken during this time.

When I was living in Shanghai last fall, I wrote a post called TPOL’s Guide to Libations in Shanghai. In it, I said that my favorite place to party was Revolucion Cocktail. Since the lock-down, the WeChat Revolucion group has been silent. That changed as the bar has finally reopened. Before you book your flight to Shanghai, take note of two things: 1) You will be quarantined in China upon arrival (see An Expat Quarantine Experience in Shanghai). 2) You may have to abide by the following rules to enter public establishments.

I have no idea if bars are following these guidelines or post them up just to look compliant. I can’t imagine walking to a club and having my temperature checked let alone bringing my passport to a bar. Also, nothing says party like wearing a mask and applying hand sanitizer. Finally, what happens when the person in front of you flashes his QR code and it comes back as red?

Crazy time we’re living in but happy that some semblance of normalcy is returning to China. It gives me hope while I wait in solitude (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation).


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