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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan: Where Bachuwa Law Began

The Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan Hotel Review is part of the TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

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I’m beginning to believe that I will stay at every single Marriott, SPG, and Hyatt in NY. Ideally, I would prefer to stay at the same hotel when I go to NY for work, but the fluctuations in hotel prices make that impossible. This time the hotel I called home was the Residence Inn Downtown Manhattan. It is located near the World Trade Center and only steps away from 22 Cortlandt Street, Bachuwa Law’s former office. (We have since moved on up to a deluxe office in the sky on Park Avenue.) a group of people standing in front of a building a group of people walking on a sidewalk

Residence Inn

When I think of Residence Inn, I think of where Clark W. Griswold would stay while taking his family on a terrible road trip. The word ‘residence’ and the word ‘inn’ do not illicit thoughts of road warriors looking to get after it by day and go hard by night. Judging by the infomercial in my room, that’s the target demo for this hotel brand. Judging by the amenities of the room, I have to say that this hotel fits the bill. Here’s why:


If you have work in downtown, the Residence Inn is very convenient. If you are trying to head to midtown, the train is right around the corner.

a street with cars parked on the side of it
Former home of Bachuwa Law
a white van parked in front of a building
Note the clock theme in this post


Darkness! I require darkness to sleep. Draw the curtains down and you will forget that you are staying in the middle of the madness that is NYC. It doesn’t hurt that the bed is comfortable and that the TV has HBO Go (see HBO Go: Now Playing at a NYC Hotel Near You).a bed with a clock on the wall a desk with a tv and chair in a room a bed with white sheets and a lamp a bed with a wallpaper on the walla clock on the wall a bed with white sheets and pillows


The best bar soap is the leaf from the Westin. The best body wash is Soapy Suds from W. The best shampoo is Ferragamo from Waldorf Chicago. At this Residence Inn, the hotel provides Tea Tree products which must contain an illicit stimulant because after taking a shower and snorting the bath salts, I was wide awake.a bathroom with a glass shower and toilet a bathroom with a large mirror a bathroom with a mirror and sink a shower head in a shower a bottle of lotion and a box of medicine a group of green bottles on a white surface


I don’t see the point of having a kitchenette in NYC. Uber Eats is more convenient. Though I could see how a fridge could be useful.a kitchen with a refrigerator and a sink a room with a bed and a microwave a sink and faucet in a kitchen a kitchen with a door and a refrigerator


I loved the decor of the room. The gears and clock theme was not lost on me. I will be purchasing this clock for my Park Avenue office.a clock on the wall a close up of a fabric


While not the greatest view in the world, at least it wasn’t one window facing a brick wall. Damn shame what they did to that dog.a building with fire escape stairs

a view of a city from a window
“Looking down on Bachuwa Law,” said no big law firm ever.


I was too busy to investigate the breakfast situation.


I may have had the wrong impression about Residence Inns. If others are anything like this one, I would be happy to check them out.

a clock on a wall
Love this clock


  1. The point of a fully stocked kitchenette in an extended stay hotel in New York City or London is the civilized feeling you get of eating your takeaway or delivery food on real plates with real utensils and then being able to run the tableware through the dishwasher afterwards.

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