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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Simply The Best: October 2022

Michigan beat Michigan State. That’s not all that was great about October.

  1. TWA Hotel JFK: Where to Not Spend a Layover

    a red carpeted walkway in a tunnel
    The TWA hotel is run down. The furniture was worn, and the white decor was covered with the expected filth that took over the World Trade Oculus.
  2. World’s Longest & Best Business Class Flight: JFK-SIN

    a seat in a plane
    I boarded frantically. I left wishing I had a few more hours of pampering. Thank you SQ for being excellent.
  3. Vietnam E-Visa Not Processed: Another TPOL Duck Up?

    a blue and white sign
    Grow up TPOL. You can’t keep winging the visa system just because you think visas are stupid, which they are.
  4. Marriott Tang Plaza Singapore: Who Needs Hanoi?

    a tall building with a red roof
    I am glad I didn’t receive my Vietnam visa. It reinforced that I need to endure to live and travel to places of this affluence, infrastructure, and organization. Marriott Tang was a pleasant preview of this.
  5. 13.5 Hours in JFK: Wait, There Was Early Check-in?

    a phone booth with a backpack and a bag
    Call Bachuwa Law, operators are standing by.
  6. Welcome Back: Where Have I Been?

    a map of the world
    If you haven’t been following me on IG, @thepointsoflife, let me tell you where I’ve flown for the last 31 days by way of the Great Circle Map.
  7. Wyndham JFK Airport: One Lie After Another

    a car parked in a parking lot
    I had to go to NY for work and made more than I lost. But $550?


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