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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Marriott Tang Plaza Singapore: Who Needs Hanoi?

Marriott Singapore Hotel Review is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report.

Getting There

Prepare to download another rideshare app (see Grab: The Rideshare App in Singapore And Thailand). It costs $11 USD.

If you find yourself with no visa to Vietnam because it’s independence day there and they didn’t process your paperwork on time (see Vietnam E-Visa Not Processed: Another TPOL Duck Up?), there are better and worse places to be than Singapore. The reason I say better is because Singapore is not cheap, especially for hotels. Fortunately, I hoard my Marriott stay certificates and was able to redeem one at the Marriott Tang.


Marriott Tang is located on the famous Orchard Road, close to Newton’s Circus, the best place for street food (see Guns & Butter: Singapore Travel Guide).

a tall building with a red roof
The instantly recognizable Marriott Tang

a hallway with marble walls and red columns


I received an upgraded room and a welcome gift of a Tiger beer and chocolates. Having flown 19 hours, I was already confused as to what time it was. The clock read 10AM but the beer said happy hour. I compromised, called it noon, and finished it off in a few gulps.a close up of a elevator panel a room with a desk and chair and a tv a bed in a room a room with a bed and a chair

a coffee machine on a table a bottle of beer next to a box of chocolates


I didn’t know what time it was and I didn’t know how bad I smelled. I took a long shower so as to not offend my bed.

a bathroom with a mirror and sink a white bathtub in a bathroom a shower with a shower head and a shower head a group of white bottles with red and green text on them


It was Saturday in Singapore but it was also early. With nothing to do, I decided to take a nap. This made no physiological sense since I slept a solid ten hours on my direct flight from JFK-SIN (see World’s Longest & Best Business Class Flight: JFK-SIN).

a city with many buildings
Sleeping the day away


I slept so much that I began to dream that I was at the pool. I finally shook myself out of my sleep trance and realized I was still in my bed. Although the room was free, I still needed to make use of the facilities to justify burning the certificate. While lounging at the pool, I began to wonder why I was going to crazy Bangkok the next day when Singapore was Grey Poupon – civilized (see Booking Bangkok After Vietnam Failure).a person's feet in front of a pool with buildings in the background a pool with a city in the background a pool with chairs and a building in the backgrounda pool with lights in the background


I was productive in my JFK office (see 13.5 Hours in JFK: Wait, There Was Early Check-in?). I was more productive in the Marriott lounge. Wi-Fi, Tiger beer, a margarita, a Singapore Sling, and Jameson were all I need to endure a day at the office.a glass of beer on a table a glass with a drink on a table a glass with a drink and a cherry on it a glass of liquid on a table

The food was good but if you’ve never been to Singapore, save your appetite for the aforementioned food stalls.a table with different food on it a group of pots of food a pan of rice with a spoon a plate of rice and olives


I was impressed by the variety but depressed by the dry dumplings. The made to order soup, following a night all over Singapore (see Singapore Nightlife Guide: Hip Hip Hop-a You Don’t Stop), was the right remedy. a plate of food on a table a steamer with dumplings on it a bowl of soup with vegetables and meat

Who Needs Grab?

Basking in luxury, I decided to take the hotel transport to the airport.

a car parked in front of a building
One lie per post is acceptable.


I am glad I didn’t receive my Vietnam visa. It reinforced that I need to endure to live and travel to places of this affluence, infrastructure, and organization (see Vote for Where TPOL Will Move Next And…). Marriott Tang was a pleasant preview of this.



  1. ” I need to endure to live and travel to places of this affluence, infrastructure, and organization” Have to agree, while the 3rd world is cheap and has some very interesting sights, I find myself gravitating towards more developed countries as well.

  2. “The clock read 10AM but the beer said happy hour. I compromised, called it noon, and finished it off in a few gulps.”

    Put this on a t-shirt.

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