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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Aloft Denver Airport: The Cure For Exhaustion

The only SPG hotel that is actually at Denver Airport is the Westin. Most ‘airport hotels’ are a fifteen minute drive away. The Aloft is one of those hotels. After an interminable wait at the airport, I arrived at the Aloft dead tired. In spite of my exhaustion, I still took the time to capture the simplicity of my favorite airport hotel brand.

a hallway with lights and a carpeted flooraloft denver airport hotel review

Why I Love Aloft‎ Rooms

Aloft is a spinoff of W Hotels. Like W’s, the Aloft has an amazingly comfortable bed. It also has a powerful A/C ‎and a piping hot shower. Turn down the blinds, turn up the television, turn off your phone, and get ready for a peaceful night.a bed with a pillow on it a bed with pillows on ita rectangular pillow on a beda tv on the walla sink and faucet in a bathroom a shower with a shower head and soap dispenser

Aloft Denver by Day

Waking up at noon, it was time to do nothing before my late flight. The first task was caffeine. Though I’m an espresso drinker, I enjoy Aloft coffee. ‎From there, I headed across the street. Near the hotel is a pizza spot, a Thai restaurant, Jimmy Johns and a taco cantina. I went with tacos but probably should’ve had Jimmy Johns delivered to the room.

a tray with a drink and a container on a table


I took a few more pictures to remind myself never to route through Denver from NYC regardless of how much cheaper it is to fly a discount carrier.  But i decided to stay an extra night instead of my usual Delta which had obscene rates due to the holiday weekend.

a room with couches and chairs a building with cars parked in front of it

This time, the airport shuttle came on time.



  1. “…the Aloft has an amazingly comfortable bed”

    You bloggers crack me up. You have got to be kidding me. It’s a mattress on a piece of plywood – not even a boxspring! The hallways there are so dark and tall that it looks and feels like death – some kind of horror scene – like I’m in a Stephen King movie. The bowl-style sink I find to be completely awkward and water splashes up when you don’t want it to. The shower pressure I find to be lacking, and the “body wash” that they give you instead of soap doesn’t rinse well.

    The worst thing about this place is that it attracts a younger, more “hipster” crowd that maybe – just maybe – have all been smoking that “medical” marijuana. It’s amazing how many people in the Denver area have been prescribed this much needed medication. And it’s amazing how many medically ill people come to Denver in order to take their prescribed medicines. I don’t like to party with pot-heads. It’s really starting to ruin the area – auto insurance rates have even skyrocketed in CO, and it is a direct result of the pot.

    Basically, the Aloft DEN is OK, but that’s about it, IMHO. I would not go out of my way to stay there.

    You did hit on one good point that the area there has a lot of restaurants. My fav is “Urban Sombrero.” DO try the Herradura Reposado (neat). I find US is one of the only places that carries it. I can find Herradura if I really try, but not the Reposado. Their fish tacos are great, hamburgers are great. I stay at Hyatt Place which is right across the street from US.

    • Just so you know, marijuana is legal for everybody over 18, you don’t need a prescription. Also, most new beds don’t need “box springs” just a foundation or something sturdy (like a piece of plywood) underneath. I find the bed to be very comfortable, fwiw.

    • I don’t get the connection about being a blogger and sleeping in a comfortable bed.

      I also don’t get your marijuana tangent.

      I actually went to Urban Sombrero both times I stayed at the aloft. The first time was great but the second time was off which was disappointing. Go to AZ, you’ll find all the herradura you want.

      Or go to the Hyatt Mexico City Regency Club! All you can drink

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