Sunday, September 26, 2021

The World’s Best Pizza: Chicago Deep Dish Edition

Man has struggled with many profound questions throughout history: Is there life after death? What is the point of life? And where in the world can I find the best pizza? To the second, I say...

Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago: Architecturally Sound

The Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago Hotel Review is part of TPOL's quest of completing the JetBlue Points Match while simultaneously searching for the best pizza in Chicago.

Scottsdale To Chicago, El Hefe Sunday Funday

Do you skip Saturday nights to make sure that you are good to go on Sunday? In my appreciated age, I find this to be a necessity, especially in preparation for a Vegas pool...

Admirals Club O’Hare Airport

I still had one more flight to catch from Chicago to Orlando. With only a couple hours before take off, I needed to find the Admirals Club O'Hare Airport...

It Could Be Worse

I'm still reeling from defeat after yesterday's World Cup final. Walking around Chicago with my Messi jersey, I met fellow fans who also were distraught. I also met German fans and exchanged pleasantries about...

The Windy And Rainy City

Today was interesting. I flew out of Anytown to Seattle which does not have an American Airlines Lounge unless you lie and tell them that you are flying American within the day (whether they...
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