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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Admirals Club Chicago O’Hare: Masked Lounge Experience

Admirals Club Chicago O’Hare Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report, where TPOL leaves the basement and outflanks COVID, at least for now.

Remember lounge fun in Chicago (see Delta Sky Club Chicago: Hot Dog! A Great Bloody Mary)? It’s gone. Now, the lounge is like grade school. Single file! Masks on!

a white door with a logo on itpeople sitting in a lobby

Having missed breakfast after a long night out for NYE (see Happy New Year! TPOL’s NYC NYE Party Guide), I was naively hopeful that the Admirals Club would have adequate food and not the typical offering of hummus and carrots found in all domestic lounges.

I was wrong, partially.

a plate of carrots and a spoon in a bowl

Thanks to everyone’s favorite credit issuer, Citi, I had a guacamole salad that was sort of freshly prepared.

a person wearing a face mask and apron standing behind a table with fooda person preparing food on a table

I also had falafel and tzatziki. Falafel, despite the simplicity of ingredients, is one of the hardest foods to make. For a lounge, it was good enough. Like falafel, tzatziki is also surprisingly difficult to make well. For a lounge or a restaurant, I was impressed.

a plate of food on a table


And now for the worst part of lounge reviews – pictures of seating. There are plenty of places to sit. The amount of seating correlates with the number of weird looks I received for taking photos of the seats.people sitting in a lounge area a group of people sitting at a counter a tv on the wall


The bar was not impressive as next to nothing is included. Looking for free beer? I hope you enjoy Miller Lite. They serve it at both bars.

a menu on a glass surface people sitting at a counter in a building a counter in a building

Coke Zero

Since the selection was poor and since I was in no mood to drink, I thought I would treat myself to a refreshing Coke Zero. Who knew there were so many flavors? The machine almost timed out while I made my selection.

a screen on a machine


I don’t receive weird looks when I take photos of planes coming and going.

an airplane parked in a terminal airplanes parked on a tarmac


This lounge was better than average.




      • You literally took bad pictures of a lounge everyone’s been to dozens of times and then wrote some sentence fragments. It’s not low-effort, it’s no-effort.

        • Pictures look fine to me. I have never been in this lounge, thus the review. And ‘sentence fragments’ is 1/0, undefined. It’s either a sentence or it’s a fragment. I write my trip reports to document each stop of the journey as part of the bigger story. I guess it does not mean your lofty expectations, but why should I care?

  1. Like seriously, did you not have a draft beer because it was paid? I’ve ordered food at Admiral’s Club’s off the paid menu before multiple times. During COVID, I’m not going outside just to get food (and some outlets are still closed). Even before COVID, it’s nice to have food at the lounge when the lounge wasn’t packed.

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