Simply The Best: January 2022


It’s January. The birds are chirping. Covid is no longer in the air. Life is back to normal. That may not be the consensus from the world, but that’s how I see it, even with a ruptured Achilles (see TPOL Is Down). Here are the best posts from January:

  1. Your Papers, Please: NY, The Lame Apple

    Wake up New York! It does not have to be this way. Enough of these mitigation measures. They are not working.
  2. Happy New Year! TPOL’s NYC NYE Party Guide

    NYC was on the bottom of my list for places to go for NYE. Thanks to Covid restrictions, it was my only choice. And it was the right one.
  3. How To with TPOL: Dine Safely During the Pandemic

    Instead of pretending that you are enjoying the experience of upscale dining in a trailer in the dead of winter, I propose something bold: take a risk and dine indoors.
  4. Felix Roasting: Best Java in NYC

    I stopped into the nicest coffee shop in New York, if not the world.
  5. Etiquette of Things: Comedy Cellar NY

    If you’re going to a comedy show, recognize that you are there to see others perform.
  6. Delta Sky Club JFK: Veuve for 6k

    For the nice price of 6k Skypesos, I rang in the New Year once again with a bottle of Veuve.
  7. Incremental Progress: A Recap of My 2021 Travels
My 2021 travel still pales in comparison to days of old. Here is the sad list.

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