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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Butler Hospitality Sent Me an Amazon Gift Card!

Have You Ever Not Complained? is a post that still gets hits. And the answer is no. When a hotel/airline offers a service and doesn’t follow through, I follow up until the situation is rectified (see Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?). When I stayed at the Park South Hotel in NYC for NYE (see Happy New Year! TPOL’s NYC NYE Party Guide), I was given a $10 credit to use Butler Hospitality. As it was NYE, I thought a good use was to order 2 cups of coffee. After an hour, I gave up waiting and left decaffeinated. I told the hotel the issue. When I returned from New York, I received a call from Butler Hospitality. The agent apologized for the oversight, and the apology was genuine. The call itself was more than sufficient, yet Butler Hospitality went a step further and sent me a $50 Amazon gift card. I was blown away. Finally, some real customer service.

a screenshot of a gift card



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