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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Hyatt Regency Chicago: Bedtime

Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report, where TPOL leaves the basement and outflanks COVID, at least for now.

Disclaimer: I get paid if you make a purchase from my affiliate link. 

Getting There:

If you’re arriving from O’Hare take the Blue Line to Millenium Station and walk.

I was sad to leave Narnia, aka Madison (see Guns & Butter: Madison, Wisconsin Travel Guide). It didn’t take long to realize I wasn’t in the magical land of Wisconsin anymore. The disarming kindness was replaced by the terrible traffic, blaring horns, and dense development of Chicago. a river with a bridge over a city

Dead tired from drinking and playing football (see Old School Partying & Michigan v. Wisconsin: Formerly Camp Randall Stadium Review ), I checked into the Hyatt Regency Chicago.


The Hyatt Regency is right on the river, close to everything a tourist might want to see or do. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep.a city with trees and water a river with a city skyline and boats


A Hyatt Regency king-size bed is what is required for a binge weekend recovery.a bed with pillows and a door


The shower did not have sufficient water pressure which is the second prerequisite for recovery.a shower curtain in a bathroom a shower with a shelf and bottles of shampoo a bathroom with a mirror and sink


A crispy room is the third prerequisite for recovery.


After a solid 12 hours of sleep, I was able to enjoy the view of the city.a city with a body of watera river with boats in it


The fourth prerequisite for recovery is good wifi to keep up with as little work as possible.


The fifth prerequisite for mental recovery is a solid gym.  I did not make use of the gym on site. Instead, I am testing my new approach to travel fitness, Auster bands.a door with a red strap on it


The final prerequisite for recovery is a good breakfast. Unfortunately, I ran out of time for this and have no comment.


Rested and recovered, it was time to go to Madrid.


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