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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Recap! Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report

Recap! is the end of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report. Here’s everything that happened:

Punxsutawney TPOL: Leaving My Basement Trip Reporta man with a white eye patch on his face

Becoming Hyatt Globalist Again: TPOL’s Masterpiece Strategya cup of coffee on a window sill overlooking a body of water

2022: The Year of Statusa large building with a statue of a lion

Come See TPOL Perform in Vegas in June!a group of people posing for a picture

11 Reasons Why I Still Don’t Want to Travelcapture

North Korea – Level 4: Do Not Travela man standing in front of a car

We’re All In This Together, So Long As You’re Miserablea group of maps on a wall

Miami Booked! American Airlines Reinstates My Vouchera screenshot of an e-voucher

Booking Miami: I’m as Frugal As Evera man standing on a sidewalk with his arms raised

Air TPOL Retiring From Travela group of people in a pool

Hyatt Regency Miami: You’re Not Staying Here Anywaycars parked cars under a building

No Vegas for TPOLa golf bag on a beach

Nothing to Rent in Tuscany, But Maybe I’ll Buy a House in Italya room with a bed and windows

Kayak Answers, “Can I Travel to…?”a group of glasses and bottles on a table

Don’t Route Via Panamaa building with a red roof and a gate

Breakthrough Infections: Another Reason Not to Travela man standing on a bridge

COVID Test for Return Travel Is Stupida glass of wine on a table with a city in the background

Booked! One Way to Madrid…No Return in Sighta bull in a arena with a man in a cape and a bull in a red cape

VeriFLY: What’s My Favorite Word? “Stupid!”a screenshot of a passport

TPOL Forgets How to Travela man standing in front of a check in counter

Uber Is Illegal in Colombian Airports, Unless Your Brother Is Picking You Upa group of cars parked in a parking lot

ATM Issues Abroada group of small statues on a bench

Where to Feast: Medellin, Colombiafood on a plate

IQKhameleon in Medellin for the Final Stretcha table with clothes on it

Hostel v. Hotel v. Friend’s Homea statue of a man with a beard and a city in the background

Guns & Butter: Medellin Travel GuideHappy in Medellin

Priority Pass Registration: Remember Not to Forgeta bottle of alcohol on a counter

TPOL’s Tip: Use Skype for 800 #s Abroadan airplane at an airport

Back in a Lounge: Priority Pass Medellin Review (Domestic Side)a room with chairs and tables and a window

Viva Air Colombia: Discount Carriers & Baggage Feesa yellow airplane on a runway

Welcome to Bogota: Almost Robbed in Broad Daylighta sign on a building

Bogota, a Party City? Who Knew?a staircase with neon lights

JW Marriott Bogota: My Father Would Stay Herea building with a sign on the front

Room Service: I’m Here with Your Covid Testa person in a blue uniform sitting in a chair in a living room

Guns & Butter: Bogota Travel Guidea group of men in a room with a green and purple light

If I Get Covid, I Get Covid: TPOL’s Out of the Basement Travel Philosophya man taking a selfie

El Dorado Lounge Bogota: Halfway Open Reviewa room with glass walls and a chair

Finally Using the Amex Airline Credit As Intendeda close up of a piece of paper

Like the Vaccine, Why Not Get TSA PreCheck?a sign with a snail on it

Keep America Great: Blue Monster at Trump National Dorala golf course with a body of water and a building

STK Miami: Noisy Deliciousa plate of food on a table

Bills Mafia v Fins: Hard Rock Stadium Reviewa football game in a stadium

Guns & Butter: Miami Travel Guidea beach with palm trees and a body of water

Post Lockdown Dream Fulfilled? Deep Dish Pizza in Chicagoa pizza in a pan

Hyatt Place Madison, Wisconsin: Clutch for College Footballa group of people walking in front of a building

Old School Partying in Madison, Wisconsina wall with a cartoon character on it and a sign with lights

Michigan v. Wisconsin: Formerly Camp Randall Stadium Reviewa football stadium with a crowd of people

Guns & Butter: Madison, Wisconsin Travel Guidea mosaic sculpture of a raccoon mascot

Hyatt Regency Chicago: Bedtimea city with trees and water

Incremental Progress: A Recap of My 2021 Travelsa screenshot of a phone

Admirals Club Chicago O’Hare: Masked Lounge Experienceairplanes parked on a tarmac

Iberia Business ORD-MAD: Mask Jokes Literally Don’t Flya plane parked at an airport

Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)a glass of wine and a bottle on a table

Terminal 4 Priority Pass Madrid: Here to Hydratea display case with bottles of juice

Radisson Blu Scandinavia: Launching a Copenhagen AdventureChurch Office Building with a sign in front of it

Punk Royale Copenhagen: Michelin Restaurant on Acida person's hand on a table with wine glasses

Guns & Butter: Copenhagen Travel Guideboats on the water next to a dock with buildings in the background

Moxy Edinburgh: Not My Favorite Hotela neon sign on a building

Pho Edinburgh: Disappointing Adventurea bowl of soup with meat and vegetables

Guns & Butter: Edinburgh Travel Guidea stone railing with a city in the background

Priority Pass Edinburgh: Perfect Boothinga table with a lamp in a booth

Scam Covid Test #1: Entering the UKa green package with a white label

AC Marriott Belfast: It’s OKa building with glass windows and a sign

Troubles Tour Belfasta mural on a brick wall

Guns & Butter: Belfast Travel Guidea red wall with graffiti on it

Hyatt Regency Manchester: Best of All Worldsa tall glass building with a person walking on the street

Guns & Butter: Manchester Travel Guidea street with people walking on it

Guns & Butter: Conwy, Wales Travel Guidea man standing in front of a stone wall

Scam Covid Test #2: Leaving the UKa sign next to a flag

Priority Pass Manchester: Do You Have a Reservation?a white mug and a glass of wine on a table

100 GBP Carry-On Bags? Scammed by Ryanair & Trips.comluggage on a conveyor belt

Late Night Bite in Milana bottle of wine next to a glass of wine

1 Euro Italian Villa: Would She Be Mine?two men standing in front of a building

Hyatt Centric Milan: Cert Worthy?a multicolored building with many windows with Canterbury Cathedral in the background

Guns & Butter: Milan Travel Guidea man sitting on the floor in a large building

“Tickets, Please, Tickets”: Train Anxietya group of people wearing face masks

In Search of the Priority Pass Milan Malpensa Airporta group of pizzas in plastic bags

easyJet: The World’s Best Low-Cost Carrieran airplane parked on a runway

Did TPOL Buy a 1 Euro Italian Villa?a plant with a city in the background

Il Picciolo Etna: Hotel Review, Golf Review, But Not a Future Home Reviewa golf ball on a golf course

Guns & Butter: Mt. Etna, Sicily Travel Guidea man pouring wine into a glass at a table outside

Hyatt Regency Malta: Back to Beautifula building with a stone wall and a stone wall

Guns & Butter: Malta Travel Guidea boat on the water

Remember When? Scam Covid Test #3: Leaving Maltaa man in a mask looking at another man

Priority Pass Malta: Almost Homea tree in a pot on a patio

Air Malta: Malta to Munich, 2 Hours & 20 Minutes for $50a plane on the runway

Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich: Dry as Their Pretzelsa pretzel and two beer bottles on a table

Lufthansa Munich to Newark Business: Basically Basica cup of ice cream

No More Mobile Gym No Matter Whata bag with a backpack and rings

Punxsutawney TPOL: Travel Lessonstwo brown bottles with white labels on them

Bus-Ted: Punxsutawney TPOL Points & Cash Summarya table with numbers and text


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