AC Marriott Belfast: It’s OK


AC Marriott Belfast Hotel Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

Getting There

Take the bus to and from the city center. It was only 11.5 GBP. The problem is that the hotel is a twenty-minute walk from there.

City Center Bus Station
And the bus.


I keep my Titanium Elite status alive because of the luxury and courtesy of being able to check-in at all hours. I know it’s not guaranteed but it’s usually granted. It took some fuss for the hotel to let me in at 11AM.


It’s been quite the trip so far. Running from Ribera del Duero to Copenhagen to Edinburgh on only a few hours’ rest. I was happy to sleep and do nothing in the comfortable AC bed.


Following the disappointing showers at the Radisson Blu Copenhagen and the Moxy Edinburgh, I was relieved to have a normal shower.


Due to Covid (see Scam Covid Test #1: Entering the UK), many restaurants were closed for dine-in. That suited me just fine as I had Indian food for the second time this trip (see Guns & Butter: Madison, Wisconsin Travel Guide & Guns & Butter: Belfast Travel Guide). In need of refreshments, I went down to the bar and was graciously greeted by the bartender. A couple beers and a couple Cokes was the perfect compliment to the meal.


The problem with the hotel is the location. The hotel’s website read as follows: “An urban retreat in an exceptional waterfront location, AC Hotel Belfast by Marriott is a scenic haven in a colourful travel destination in Northern Ireland.” The words are accurate if you know what those words meant. I assumed that it meant there was stuff nearby and that it was relatively near the city center. What it actually means is that the hotel is located where there used to be factories and now it’s being converted into hotels/residences i.e., urban retreat=not near city center. Perhaps I should use Mapquest before I assume that big hotel chain + big city = good location. But when I’m hopping from one city to the next, I don’t have the bandwidth to make sure that every hotel is where I would prefer it to be.


I am happy to have spent $118 instead of burning points at this hotel.


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