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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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easyJet: The World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier

easyJet is part of Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

I have flown many discount carriers in my day. My favorite Asian discount carrier is AirAsia because I was able to see most of SE Asia for next to nothing. My favorite in the US is Southwest, because of the Companion Pass and free checked bags. My favorite in Europe and, after this trip, in the world is easyJet. I first flew easyJet in 2015 and had a decent experience (see easyJet: Know Before You Go). I didn’t know then just how easy it was to fly with them if you pay nominal money to become a speedy boarder.

What are the benefits of being speedy boarder? First, it is priority boarding. This is huge when it comes to discount carriers in Europe because airlines do not post the gate until close to departure time. Once the gate is announced, there’s a long queue of people trying to get into the gate, only to queue again to get on the plane. Speedy boarders don’t have to deal with those lines. Second, speedy boarders receive seats near the front of the plane or in emergency exit rows. The seats on easy aren’t luxurious. It’s worth paying for a more comfortable seat and it’s worth being the first on and the first off. Third, speedy boarders can bring a personal item and carry-on without having to pay big fees at the airport (see 100 GBP Carry-On Bags? Scammed by Ryanair &

an airplane parked at an airport
Always pick easy over Ryan.

TPOL’s Tip: Speedy or not, get to the gate on time. If the masses board before you, they’ll throw their luggage in the first overhead bin, defeating the purpose of having a seat in the front of the plane.


If you’re going to travel in Europe on discount carrier, avoid Ryanair and book easyjet, just be sure to ‘splurge’ for the VIP benefits of being a speedy boarder.

And now some modeling photos of easy:

an airplane on a runway an airplane on a runway an airplane parked on a runway




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