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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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100 GBP Carry-On Bags? Scammed by Ryanair &

Priority Pass Manchester Lounge Review is part of Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

I have flown Ryanair before (see Ryanair LUX-LIS: Not as Bad as Expected). I am aware of the cute ways it tries to maximize revenue. Whether it is charging for food or selling lottery tickets on board, Ryan is always looking to score a buck. Earlier this trip, I flew Ryanair from Copenhagen to Edinburgh. I paid in advance for a carry-on bag because I knew that trying to sneak one on would result in a million-dollar fine. For this trip, Manchester to Milan, I booked another Ryanair ticket but found the cheapest ticket through It was $22 for two people. Before arriving at the airport, I tried to check-in online because failing to do so ahead of time would result in a 30 euro charge. While my flight was showing as checked-in on the app, I could not add bags to my reservation, nor could I access my reservation on the Ryanair app.

Anxious, I arrived at the airport worried about what was to come. I went to the Ryanair counter and told the agent that the Ryanair app was not working but I should be checked-in. She confirmed that I was and printed two boarding passes, one for me and one for Ms. TPOL. She did not comment on our bags. After the Escape Lounge, I went to the gate and the same woman was checking-in passengers. She asked if I had priority boarding. I said no. She said that we could not bring carry-ons. I would have to pay 100 GBP to check in two bags. She went on to say that had I checked the bags when she first printed my boarding pass, it would have been 50GBP total. She proceeded to accuse me of coming to the counter without my bags. That was a ridiculous accusation as both Ms. TPOL and I had to go to the counter to present our negative Covid tests (see Scam Covid Test #2: Leaving the UK). Where could we have securely left the bags while checking in? I tried to explain this to her, and she said I could continue to argue with her and miss my flight or pay the 100GBP. I obliged.

Before taking off, I took pictures and screenshots of my receipt and my attempt to access my ticket using the Ryanair app. I sent it to They, like Ryan, blamed me for the bag fee. They said I was supposed to call to add a checked bag. I explained that I didn’t want to check in a bag. I only wanted to add a carry-on. I also tried to explain that since checked me in, I could not add a carry-on using the Ryanair app. They continued to say I needed to call in to have a checked bag added. I was offered $20 for my next trip. I refused. Clearly, there was a disconnect in our communication.


I know RyanAir charges for carry-ons. I am fine paying for them. The fare is still dirt cheap. What I don’t like is when the base fare is cheaper on a third-party site, and the add-ons are not possible online. The record locator should work on the airline’s site and I should be able to access my reservation without calling anyone. If I have to fly Ryanair again, I would rather pay more and book directly than book through a third-party site and go through this nonsense.

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Final Result

After many angry emails to, I was refunded the 100GBP.

luggage on a conveyor belt
Most expensive bag.


  1. I’ve never flown Ryanair. Easyjet – numerous/many times, and soon again. I’ve read enough horror stories about Ryanair to never get lulled by their dirt cheap fares – unless I was perhaps flying with no bag at all – which never happens.

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