Priority Pass Manchester: Do You Have a Reservation?


Priority Pass Manchester Lounge Review is part of Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

Covid Disclaimer: I drafted this post when I visited this Priority Pass Lounge in October of 2021.

Do you have a reservation? Thanks to Covid, everything requires a reservation. Establishments claim it’s for safety reasons, but I see it as an excuse not to deal with the masses. At the Priority Pass Manchester, a reservation is required to enter, and free seating is not allowed. If there is an open table, entrants are supposed to stay at that table for the duration of their stay.

I was put at a table next to the bar and food. The whole time I was eating, there was a long queue of people standing around me waiting for a drink.


Despite the zoo that is the lounge, the food was good and replenished quickly.


I came across an empty backroom and broke the rules by relocating to it.


Requiring reservations and controlling where people sit in a lounge does nothing to stop the spread of Covid. We will look back and wonder why we had these nonsensical measures.

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