Miami Booked! American Airlines Reinstates My Voucher


The time has come for TPOL to leave the basement (see Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report). Where would I go after being in my basement since January 2020? The answer is one of my least favorite cities in the world: Miami (see We’re All In This Together, So Long As You’re Miserable). To get there, I wanted to use my incorrectly expired voucher from American Airlines (see Time to Sue American Airlines (Again)). I called AA and rather than wait on hold, I received a call back when it was my turn, between 45 and 75 minutes later. The agent said that she did not see the voucher on her end but that I should try to access it online.

Last time I accessed it, I saw this:

This time, I saw this:

I would like to thank AA for reinstating my voucher. I doubt my angry emails had anything to do with it.



  1. Let me know if you want to go to a Marlins game if they are in town when you are here. I will drive down from Fort Lauderdale and go with you.

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