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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Come See TPOL Perform in Vegas in June!

If the reporting is true, Vegas will be completely open at full capacity on June 1st. As luck would have it, TPOL is slated to perform* in Vegas the weekend of June 11th for what may be the third trip of my Punxsutawney TPOL: Leaving My Basement Trip Report. If I actually go**, I am awarding 5 strangers who spot me on The Strip with a round of drinks***.

*By perform, I mean play one hand of blackjack (see No More Bribes in Vegas? What Happened to This Place?), go to pool parties (see Vegas Knockout: The Encore Wynns in Overtime & 10 M Life Perks for Non Gamblers in Vegas), and reminisce about my Richard Quest Interview (Behind the Scenes: TPOL’s Interview with Richard Quest)

**The only reason I won’t go is because of these absurd flight prices/schedules from Puerto Rico. Duck Covid.

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***The Strip means outside of the hotels that I am sure will resume robbing people for shots at their bars (see Busted? Go to Fremont Street VegasChutes & Ladders: Vegas Edition, & Tipping At The Cash Register: Are You Bleeping Kidding?).

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Come see The King in Vegas!

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