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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Grand Hyatt Amman: Service, Yes!

Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel Review is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

With only one night left in Jordan, I used points to stay at the Grand Hyatt Amman. While the hotel was centrally located, I would have rather stayed at the OH Dead Sea Resort outside of town (see Dead Sea: A Must See Before You Die) because there is not much to do in Amman (see Guns & Butter: Amman* Travel Guide). Since I barely spent any time at the hotel, my review of the hotel will be quite brief.

Hotel Itself 

I like Grand Hyatt’s. Although they aren’t as intimate as Park Hyatt’s, they are reliable and comfortable.

a sign on a wall a building with a white awning a building with glass doors and plantsa pool in a building a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees in front of a building a pool with chairs and a plant in the backgrounda city with buildings and blue sky a large circular building with a circular tower in the middle of a city


I wasn’t upgraded to a suite, but I did receive three pieces of fruit as a welcome gift.

a table with fruit on it a phone and a bottle on a table a bed with a lamp on the side of it


After going to the Dead Sea, it was funny to see mud soap as the lather of choice.

a small rectangular box on a silver platea bathroom sink with a mirror and towels a bathtub with faucets and a towel from the walla bathroom with a glass shower door


The lounge was sparse on the food in comparison to other Grand Hyatt’s.

a room with tables and chairs

a table with a vase of flowers and a glass jar of food a table with food on it a long table with fruit and flowers on it a coffee machine and utensils on a counter


With only hours until my departure, the last item on the checklist was to eat mansaf, the national dish of Jordan. Though I had visited Petra and the Dead Sea, my culinary adventure was limited. I had bad food at Petra, street shawarma, and only breakfast at the Dead Sea. I asked the hotel for a restaurant recommendation and the man replied, “At this hour? No restaurants will have mansaf. Besides having my mother cook you some, I don’t think you will find any.” He then tried calling a few restaurants and they verified his prediction. Despondent, I pleaded with him to call his mother at once. He told me to relax because right next door there was a restaurant called Jabri, which served mansaf, and better yet, I could pick it up on my way to the airport the next day (see Jabri: They Say It’s the Best Mansaf). His recommendation proved true and put an exclamation point on this great trip. For that reason, I would recommend the Grand Hyatt.


Grand Hyatt was grand in its service. Next time, I will not stay in Amman, but I will order mansaf as carry out on the way to the Dead Sea.



  1. I kind of feel like a travel blogger should have at least a cursory understanding of possessive versus plural and the corresponding use of apostrophes. If it were once, you could deem it a typo. Twice inside of one sentence is lack of understanding.

    • Are you questioning the joint grammar skills of me and my editor? I know grammar but Clifford, the editor lives it. You can take it up with him.

        • One of 3 personalities.

          Clifford wrote, “there are differing opinions/rules on how to pluralize words when they are proper nouns.” I actually had it as Grand Hyatts and prefer it that way, but you know these editors, they think they can change anything!

          BC knows nothing obviously, though I think it’s funny that BC thinks bloggers have an understanding of grammar. Has he read other blogs? They use emojis.

  2. I would absolutely love to see a link to any credible source that suggests that there is room to add an apostrophe for plural proper nouns. It’s just simply wrong.

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