Grand Hyatt Amman: Service, Yes!


Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel Review is part of the Quest Around the Globe Trip Report.

With only one night left in Jordan, I used points to stay at the Grand Hyatt Amman. While the hotel was centrally located, I would have rather stayed at the OH Dead Sea Resort outside of town (see Dead Sea: A Must See Before You Die) because there is not much to do in Amman (see Guns & Butter: Amman* Travel Guide). Since I barely spent any time at the hotel, my review of the hotel will be quite brief.

Hotel Itself 

I like Grand Hyatt’s. Although they aren’t as intimate as Park Hyatt’s, they are reliable and comfortable.


I wasn’t upgraded to a suite, but I did receive three pieces of fruit as a welcome gift.


After going to the Dead Sea, it was funny to see mud soap as the lather of choice.


The lounge was sparse on the food in comparison to other Grand Hyatt’s.


With only hours until my departure, the last item on the checklist was to eat mansaf, the national dish of Jordan. Though I had visited Petra and the Dead Sea, my culinary adventure was limited. I had bad food at Petra, street shawarma, and only breakfast at the Dead Sea. I asked the hotel for a restaurant recommendation and the man replied, “At this hour? No restaurants will have mansaf. Besides having my mother cook you some, I don’t think you will find any.” He then tried calling a few restaurants and they verified his prediction. Despondent, I pleaded with him to call his mother at once. He told me to relax because right next door there was a restaurant called Jabri, which served mansaf, and better yet, I could pick it up on my way to the airport the next day (see Jabri: They Say It’s the Best Mansaf). His recommendation proved true and put an exclamation point on this great trip. For that reason, I would recommend the Grand Hyatt.


Grand Hyatt was grand in its service. Next time, I will not stay in Amman, but I will order mansaf as carry out on the way to the Dead Sea.


  1. I kind of feel like a travel blogger should have at least a cursory understanding of possessive versus plural and the corresponding use of apostrophes. If it were once, you could deem it a typo. Twice inside of one sentence is lack of understanding.

    • Are you questioning the joint grammar skills of me and my editor? I know grammar but Clifford, the editor lives it. You can take it up with him.

        • One of 3 personalities.

          Clifford wrote, “there are differing opinions/rules on how to pluralize words when they are proper nouns.” I actually had it as Grand Hyatts and prefer it that way, but you know these editors, they think they can change anything!

          BC knows nothing obviously, though I think it’s funny that BC thinks bloggers have an understanding of grammar. Has he read other blogs? They use emojis.

  2. I would absolutely love to see a link to any credible source that suggests that there is room to add an apostrophe for plural proper nouns. It’s just simply wrong.

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