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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Guns & Butter: Bogota Travel Guide

Bogota Travel Guide is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report, where TPOL leaves the basement. It’s finally happening despite inconsistent policies, interruptions, and human stupidity as explained in these posts:

TPOL’s Guns & Butter Travel Guide is the best way to see as much as you can in as little time as possible. Here’s how it works – A trip is composed of two factors: Labor And Lazy. The opportunity cost (what is given up) for relaxing and being Lazy is gained by being adventurous in the form of Labor and vice versa. The guide includes inefficient activities i.e., tourist traps that should be avoided and aspirational activities that are worth doing but may be impossible to see given the constraints of time and resources.

I had no expectations when I arrived in Bogota. All I knew was life in my basement (see The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report).

No Masks

Remember what life was like pre-Covid? I didn’t until I visited a nightclub in Bogota where no one was wearing a mask (see If I Get Covid, I Get Covid: TPOL’s Out of the Basement Travel Philosophy).

a man taking a selfie
My look of concern with no mask in a club.


Remember partying? I didn’t until I visited a nightclub in Bogota (see Bogota, a Party City? Who Knew?).

a large crowd of people in a room with lights
Who are these people?


Remember friends? I didn’t until I visited Bogota.

two men sitting at a bar with drinks

a group of men in a room with a green and purple light


Remember eating out with actual silverware? I didn’t until I went to Bogota.

a sign on a building

a plate of food on a table
Pig for lunch.
a sign with a cow drawing on it
Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

TPOL’s Tip: La Biferia is located at Cl. 79b #8-79, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

TPOL’s Tip: Don’t ask them to split a tomahawk steak. While it was delicious, it ruined the photo.


Remember life? I didn’t until I was almost robbed in Bogota (see Welcome to Bogota: Almost Robbed in Broad Daylight).


Remember hotels? I didn’t until I stayed at the lackluster JW Marriott Bogota, minus the great spa.

a swimming pool inside a building


Remember TPOL? I’m back. Thank you Bogota.



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