ATM Issues Abroad


Although I managed to escape the Medellin airport using Uber (see Uber Is Illegal in Medellin Airport, Unless Your Brother Is Picking You Up), I still needed cash. I went to the ATM and it did not work. I went to another and had the same problem. Hoping to avoid roaming charges, I called Chase’s toll-free number and since I was in Colombia, it obviously did not work. I called the international number, was put on hold, and the roaming charges piled up. Then I heard, “Welcome to Chase. Our office is closed.” Luckily, I received a notification on my phone asking if I had attempted to withdraw money. I said yes and was able to proceed. Otherwise, I would be out of luck.

TPOL’s TIP: Get your Schwab together! (see Charles Schwab Debit Card: Use As Instructed)

Postscript: I was charged 2 withdrawals even though the first did not go through. Now to see how Chase handles that.

No ATM card is the Death Whistle in Medellin


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