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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Oops!… I Did It Again: Min Spending Hell

Apologies for the OMAAT headline (see Blog Roast OMAAT: Starting Posts with Ouch, Wow, Uh Oh, Wild, Major, Whoa). Britney may soon be free, but I’m still in minimum spending prison, something I wrote about in 2015 (see Insomnia from Minimum Spends). Inundated with offers, I recklessly applied and was approved for too many cards. To make matters worse, Ms. TPOL was also approved for the same cards.

Now I face the daunting task of reaching the mins over the next two months. Here’s the mess I am in:

a colorful table with numbers

The Amex Business Gold is the most pressing. I didn’t spend anything on it when I first received it because I was waiting for them to apply the right welcome offer (see Amex ’90k’ Business Gold Offer: Resolved, Sort Of). Given the laundry list of disclosures against MS, I won’t be doing that either (see I’m Done with Manufactured Spending, also written in 2015). Let’s see how I will get this done without going broke.



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